It’s E-Time!

The rise of “The 3rd Option” of Wealth Building

The Great Bull Market of the 1990s made us feel rich. The real estate boom boosted our hopes all over again and we all got caught up in the excitement. We borrowed against our assets like never before, and spent the equity we thought we had.

Today, the stock market has fallen back to where it was eight years ago, and the housing market is back to its more humble state of five years ago. Neither of these traditional wealth builders offer us fast hope to rebuild what we “thought’ we had, and the acid taste of frustration lingers.

None of this news is new, and the fall has happened before. And it will happen again. The solution to this financial pull back rests in … The 3rd Option.

The 3rd Option is the creation of value through enterprise. Building wealth by taking what you know and creating money from it. Ray Kroc did it when he bought the rights to expand the McDonalds concept. Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Steve Jobs all ignored their personal circumstances and used The 3rd Option. Most recently, Tom Anderson of MySpace and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have created billions where there was nothing before.

We all know you do not need to make billions of dollars to change your life, but chances are you do need to break out of your own financial crunch. And the answer for you will be the same as it was for these entrepreneurs … it’s E-Time! Time for you to launch that idea you have had stewing away in the back of your head. Time for you to make something out of nothing, as entrepreneurs have done before you. Better yet, take an idea that is already working and it expand it the way Ray Kroc did with McDonalds.

How do you get started? There are many ways, but one of the easiest and best is to immerse yourself in what is going on. Go to business expos, conventions and Chamber of Commerce meetings to see what people are doing. Talk with the business owners at their exhibit tables and look for opportunities. Yes, some opportunities require money, but many businesses can be launched out of your own garage or spare bedroom. Open your eyes to new ideas and don’t shut out old ones. If you can sell, find the best product in the marketplace to sell and try to get options to buy into the company as well if you build value. If you are a computer geek and don’t know anything about selling , but you build web sites, offer that service to the salesman who won’t know a bit from a byte. Work with people. Stir the pot. The opportunities are endless and they await your discovery. This is not just ‘pie in the sky’ motivation; I believe it and see clients every day that show me their ideas and dreams that we help bring to life.

Yes, it’s E-Time and the opportunities are endless. Don’t wait another moment. Take advantage of The 3rd Option right now. The fortune at your feet is waiting for you to pick it up!