Personal Branding: Build Your Credibility

One of the primary goals of every personal branding campaign is to build credibility.  There is no point in branding yourself as an expert if it’s not done in a credible way.  You can’t simply walk around calling yourself a genius, a baseball player, or a Hollywood actor, can you?  No, in order to truly establish yourself as a celebrity within your market, you need to establish your own credibility.  There are many ways to do this—today, we are going to look at a few of my favorites.

1) Write a book. Yes, I realize that this sounds intimidating.  But it really isn’t—every business owner has a book in them just waiting to come out.  And once you have written the book, you are transformed from just another small business owner into an author—and it’s amazing how much credibility flows from that title!  If you are interested in writing a book, but don’t know where to begin or don’t think that you have the time, get in touch with me today! 

2) Start a blog and publish articles online. Writing a blog focused on topics relating to your industry is a great way to establish yourself as a credible expert.  Even if your audience doesn’t read everything you write, just by quickly skimming your blog, it will be clear that you have the ability to write authoritatively on subjects relating to your market.  Focus on providing value to your readers—offer actionable tips, advice, or break down recent developments that may impact your audience.

3) Give speeches and presentations. Yes, the thought of speaking in public can make many of us feel queasy.  But it is hard to match the instant boost in credibility that you receive the moment you begin speaking on topics relating to your market.  Giving a speech positions you as an expert in front of your audience—but the credibility boost can be leveraged even further than that.  You can post videos of yourself in action on your website and promote the fact that you are a frequent speaker on matters that impact your target customers.

4) Believe in yourself. Believe it or not, many business owners limit their own credibility by not taking themselves seriously.  But until you buy into the notion that you are a credible expert in your industry, you are not going to be able to sell anyone else on that idea.  So repeat the following: “I am great at what I do.  I have insights into my profession that my customers can benefit from.  I’m an expert!”

Establishing your credibility is a central component to any effective personal branding campaign.  By establishing yourself as an expert, you can expect to draw in more business, be able to charge higher rates, and have the opportunity to lock out the competition.  And it all starts with credibility.  The tips I have shared above will get you started in the right direction—for more information, contact me today!

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