Personal Branding: How Video Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level

We’ve discussed a number of tactics and platforms that business owners can use successfully to create and strengthen their personal brand. From appearing on TV to writing a book to leveraging social media, there are a wide variety of options for business owners and professionals looking to increase their visibility and their credibility. Today, we’re going to talk about a specific platform that is growing in popularity and in effectiveness: video.

Well branded, well produced video content is very effective when it comes to personal branding. Below are four specific reasons why this is the case.

1) Video allows you to establish a “personal” connection with your audience. While there’s nothing like shaking hands and looking someone directly in the face in order to establish a relationship, video is the next best thing. Unlike reading a book or interacting on social media, video gives the viewer the opportunity to watch your facial expressions, listen to your voice, and pick up on your body language. As a business owner, video gives you the opportunity to “connect” with your audience quickly and effectively.

2) Video allows you to clearly demonstrate your expertise. In addition to establishing a relationship, video also offers the opportunity for you to speak authoritatively on your area of expertise. It gives you the opportunity to answer common questions and concerns that your target market may have. It offers a platform for you to provide insight and analysis on issues of interest to your audience. The net result is that your audience walks with helpful information relating to their needs—and with the perception of yourself as a CelebrityExpert® firmly planted in their mind.

3) Video allows you to establish your credibility and position within the marketplace. Forget for a moment what you say or do in the video. Forget the substance. Just by appearing in a well produced video and by looking the part of an industry expert, you’ve already sent a powerful message. You’ve established yourself as a leading expert in your field. Combine first-class production and an impressive appearance with substantive content that showcases your expertise and you’re guaranteed to make a powerful impression on your audience. The key, of course, is that you need to invest the time and resources to create a video that looks highly professional. You’re a CelebrityExpert®– and your video needs to reinforce that brand!

4) Video allows you to reach a larger audience. Finally, video allows you to reach and engage a large audience. On leading social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, video has proven to be one of the most effective means for engaging followers and fans. Simply by posting your video on these sites and other social sites such as LinkedIn, you can reach and engage a huge audience—increasing your exposure while also boosting your credibility and developing your brand.

Video is a tremendously effective tool for creating and strengthening your personal brand… and your CelebrityExpert® status. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’d like help getting started with your video strategy, please get in touch with me or any of the agents at our agency today!

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