Personal Branding: Lessons From the 2012 Grammys

The 2012 Grammy Awards were held earlier this month at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and once again I had the privilege to attend, along with a group of over 30 clients that were in town for our Annual Hollywood Mastermind Meeting. It was an incredible night of music, speeches, and many memorable tributes to the late, great Whitney Houston. But for business owners, it was more than just compelling TV—this year’s Grammy Awards offered a number of personal branding lessons. Below are four of the most important takeaways:

1) Persistence pays. Watching Bruno Mars perform at this year’s event, you would never have known about the rocky road he had travelled. In fact, for several years, Mars was unable to get a record deal for himself and instead spent time writing songs for other musicians. Producing, writing, providing background vocals—Bruno Mars did whatever was asked of him before finally getting his big break as a performer in 2010. He seized the opportunity and has wasted no time establishing himself as a household name across the country.

2) Don’t play by the rules. Adele was the big story this year, taking home six Grammys—and she did it by refusing to play by the rules. She has struggled to control her weight and has never been a “classic” pop star, but she hasn’t let that stop her. Rather than conforming to the expectations that others have placed on her, she boldly pursued her dreams on her own terms.

3) To stay in the headlines, reinvent yourself. Noticeably absent from the headlines this year was Lady Gaga. She attended the event in an eccentric costume, as usual—but it didn’t ignite the firestorm of media coverage that she experienced at last year’s ceremony. Now, that may have been a conscious decision on her part, but either way, the point stands: what made headlines in the past won’t do so forever. Find a way to reinvent yourself and your business, or you risk growing stale.

4) It’s never too late to redeem a brand gone band. Chris Brown made headlines for all of the wrong reasons in the aftermath of the 2009 Grammy Awards. He was arrested and pled guilty for assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna. At the time, most observers thought that his career was over—that it would be impossible to repair his image after his reprehensible behavior. And although Brown still has a long way to go in order to win back his fans, he not only performed at the 2012 Grammys—he actually won the award for Best R&B Album. The lesson? It’s never too late to turn a tarnished brand around. 

It is always a thrill to attend the Grammy Awards, and this year’s event was as exciting as any in recent memory. But there was more to the night than great entertainment—there were valuable lessons to be learned for business owners in every industry. I’ve shared four of the most important takeaways above—if you would like more information, get in touch with me today!

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