Personal Branding: Using Your Blog

You’ve heard me talk about the many ways to project your personal brand, but here is another great one for you: your blog. You’re probably familiar with the countless great reasons to blog—blogging can drive traffic to your website, can help with SEO, keeps you engaged with the online community. However, many people underestimate the importance of blogging as a means of broadcasting your personal brand. There are several obvious ways to brand your blog, including the design of the blog, your picture, and more… but today we are going to cover some less common ways of branding yourself through your blog.

1) Commenting on other popular blogs in your niche. An effective blogger will spend MORE time commenting on other blogs than he or she does writing for his own blog. Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t seem to grasp this. Effective blogging is about creating conversation—and that takes initiative on the part of the blogger, or it won’t happen. In most cases, when you comment on a blog (be sure to leave a link back to your blog), the owner of the blog will take a look at your blog. If your content is interesting, there is a good chance he or she will leave a comment on one of your posts. So by commenting on popular blogs within your niche, you are opening the door for a popular blogger to leave you a comment—which will work wonders for your credibility. Even if you don’t get any comments in return, a comment on a highly regarded blog is likely to be seen by others in your niche—so you’re getting your voice out there. Just remember to stay “in character”—all comments should be written to communicate your personal brand.

2) Interviewing influential individuals. Interviewing important people in your field is a fantastic way to boost your credibility. While major celebrities are probably going to turn down your request, you’ll be surprised at how many “minor” celebrities (experts in their field) will happily oblige. Make sure you prepare good, thought provoking questions—and then post the interview on your blog. Not only will you get a rush of traffic due to the status of your interview subject, but you will position yourself as a knowledgeable and well-connected blogger in your industry. Check out the interviews I’ve done at

3) Guest blogging. Another fantastic way of broadcasting your personal brand is guest blogging. Contact several well known bloggers in your niche and ask to write a guest post. If you have a well written, interesting blog of your own they will often oblige. Take the opportunity to reach an audience that wouldn’t normally read your blog—and blow them away with a fantastic post. If you do a good job, you can expect many more subscribers to your blog… not to mention a substantial boost in credibility.

There are many great reasons to blog—and the opportunity to project your personal brand is among the best. The techniques discussed above will help you in these efforts. Just remember that everything you write should be calculated to reinforce your personal brand!