Become A Best-Selling Author…Guaranteed!

Once you become a client of the Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency, our singular goal in business is to help you become a Celebrity Expert® in your marketplace. The most effective way to do that is to become a published author and even better yet, a Best-Selling Author. As an agency client you we will get you signed to a publishing contract with, Celebrity Press Publishing to work on your own book, or join one of our anthology books with other Celebrity Experts®.

Over the past 5 years we have helped over 700 clients from all over the world not only become published authors, but also elevate their status to Best-Selling Author.

Over the past year we have given our clients the opportunity to co-author books with legends such as Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Jack Canfield, Dan Kennedy,Michael E. Gerber, Dr. Alan Misner, Mari Smith, and others. Writing, releasing and including these books in your marketing is the most powerful to develop yourself into a Celebrity Expert® and position yourself as the go-to person in your industry.

If you are looking to become a published author, you need to speak with one of our Business Agents® today to talk about the media, marketing and PR packages we have to help you not only realize your dream, but grow your business. Call 800.980.1626 today and speak with your Business Agent®.


“Nick is the media mogul of this age. If you need
PR, if you need marketing, if you need to reach out to your audience, but don’t know how, or, if you’ve done it, not really, really done it well, you’ve got to get in touch with Nick Nanton.”– Michael E. Gerber, Best-Selling Author, The E-Myth
“I have to say the staff at Celebrity Press™ are the
most professional, extremely prompt & organized people I have dealt with. They have been spot on with everything about the publication & release of their next book, “Relationship Age.” I can’t get over how EFFICIENT the staff members are – thanks for being so wonderful.”- Katrina Kavvalos, Social Media Expert