CoreStory Program

Your brand is based on your CoreStory, which is the written declaration about what you or your company are all about.


What is your mission?


Why are you in business?


What are you trying to accomplish other than just to make a buck?


Here’s the thing though: it’s not enough to just have a great story.


It doesn’t matter how powerful and emotional your story is if no one hears it. That’s why you need media and marketing and PR to push it out into the world!



Use Your Story and Media Credentials to Build Your Credibility and Your Business

  • Website – Add your CoreStory to your website! And make sure you add all the sites your story was syndicated on as well to instantly increase your credibility and trust with your market!
  • Social Media – Post your CoreStory (and the places it's been seen!) all across your social media profiles! Let your followers know that you’ve been seen on all these amazing sites and what you're doing to help people just like them!
  • Business Cards & Email Signature – Add “As Seen On” and the media logos to your business card and email signature! This will help your cards stand out and let you be remembered after you hand out your cards.
  • Local Media – Send a copy of your CoreStory to local TV and Radio stations and offer to be their expert on your field anytime they need it.
  • Shock & Awe Kit – Impress future clients with a box in the mail containing a magazine style booklet on who you are so prospective clients can see how you can help them!

Opportunities Included In This CoreStory Program:

  • A CoreStory: The biggest marketing asset you have is you. Without this piece of the puzzle, it is very difficult for you to connect with your market, develop trust and influence them to do business with you. We want to help you create the affinity points that are relevant to your market as well as how to insert your story, your mission and your new brand into your marketing. In order to do just that, one of our award-winning writers will write a feature story on you! You will receive both a long version, for your website and marketing, and a short version for syndication purposes; or anything else you’d like to use them for!
  • Syndication on over 100.coms! We will then take the short version and syndicate it to get placement on HUGE news and media websites, for example:,, CBSNews,,,, Wall Street Journal?, and MANY more. This will allow you to say you’ve been seen on all of these big name websites, boosting your credibility online and offline.
  • Magazine Reprints of your CoreStory: We will have one of our expert designers create 100 Magazine Reprints of your CoreStory to use in your marketing, from your "Shock and Awe" Packages to New Client Kits to downloadable PDFs to giveaway on your website.

Have questions about your CoreStory or the syndication process included in this package? Call 800-980-1626, text 321-339-1101, or email