30 Year Proven Marketing Strategies

DMNews is a consistent supply of great content and if you are not a regular subscriber of their free daily email, I would encourage you to sign up. This past month they put out a special 30 year edition magazine and my eye was quickly caught by the marketing strategies they highlighted as having been proven in the past and continue to be. While many of you use some or all of the ideas on this list, I found it refreshing to see them all at one time staring me in the face and tickling my thought as to how I might be able to spin a specific strategy in a new way. Today, I am going to give you the entire list and then in other emails and blogs comment about them individually adding my own spin when helpful. In no particular order:

Customer endorsements
Continuity programs
Loyalty programs
In-Billing advertisements
Business reply cards
Location-Based targeting.

Keep your eye out for my emails and blogs which will carry the heading 30 Year Proven Marketing Strategies and the number I am commenting on.