Beware of Bad Laws and Bad Names for Laws.

Congress is notorious for giving wonderful sounding names to new bills they want to pass just to fool the public who don’t read them. They are about to do it again.

Senator Kennedy and Rep. Rosa DeLauro are pushing the “Healthy Families Act”. Who could object to a wonderful name like that?

The bill requires any firm who has 15 employees to provide a minimum of 7 days of paid sick leave. I have no problem with that and have always had sick leave days in my companies. My preference is that you don’t come in when you are sick and spread whatever you have to everyone else. The problem with this law comes in the form of detail. The bill allows you to take the leave anytime and in the smallest increment the employer tracks payroll, and no notice is required. This kind of language would allow an employee to show up consistently late with no advanced notice, ultimately causing all sorts of problems with real staffing issues, especially in shift positions. An employer would have no retribution for such tardiness and disruption to everyone else.

There are other new bills coming down the pipeline, which impact our business. I encourage you to look beyond their names and see what the real affect they will have on your business. If you like them, great – but if you don’t, let your Congressman or Senator know they need to make some changes. To do nothing is a mistake.