Building Your Brand With Viral Campaigns

The big brands continue to embrace the social media movement and are adapting it in many ways to increase connection to their prospects and customers – as well as to encourage them to help find more consumers who have similar interests.

Nike is using social media and viral marketing to promote its annual Human Race series by inviting consumers to join the race through an email campaign with user generated video. While there is no direct connection with a sale of products, Nike is getting users to help build its brand and when consumers are directed to Nike’s website for registration they capture their information. I encourage you to go to Nike’s specially designed website,, to view their campaign and go through the process yourself (see they even have me referring people to the site). By visiting the site, what you will notice is that they have set-up a program for the consumer to personalize the email they send to their friends and even include the friends running abilities and hobbies. It will be interesting to see how Nike uses this information at a later date to target advertising or other emails they send out from the names they collect.