Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Prepared?

I am not going to be critical of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court except to use the fact that he decided not to use notes in the swearing in of the President of the United States as an example of what happens if you are not prepared. He wasn’t and messed up the oath of office for himself and the President.

The Business Lesson: In business you cannot be prepared for everything, but you can be prepared for the things you know are coming and if you are not prepared, there is a great chance that mistakes can and will happen. There isn’t any excuse in that.

Not to long ago there was a very successful bestselling book call, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff . While I understand the point the author was making about the importance of not getting stressed out, I hasten to point out that good business is the essence of sweating the small stuff. To review every detail of an event, sales letter, marketing campaign or new hire is important. If you can’t do it yourself make sure the person handling the job for you can or get someone else.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court made a mistake today that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, he will have to live with it. Don’t put yourself in the same position.