Ideas You Can Use!

1. Thanksgiving Cards: September is almost over and it is time to order your Thanksgiving “thank you” cards. We have long promoted sending these out to your clients because Thanksgiving is a universal holiday and it is perfect for giving … thanks! Thanksgiving cards can be funny, serious or fun — and the turkey isn’t sensitive. Order a bunch of cards, sit down with your address book, and write away. Try to say something more than just your name, and do not use an email card. I am talking about a physical card with real ink handwriting.

2. The Presidential election is November 7th: This means everyone will be thinking about the election so it is a perfect time to use it as a reference point in your correspondence or sales copy to customers. Remember, starting a sales letter using a point of reference already on the mind of the reader is a great way to engage the reader and avoid being thrown the “B Pile” or “C Pile” of their mail, which may never get read.

3. Look in your old ad file for an ad that worked before and brought in business. We all change our ads from time to time, and sometimes we forget ones that worked great but that we just stopped using for some reason. Yes, that was a mistake — but turn lemons into lemonade by pulling out the old ad and running it again. By the way, if it works again, keep using it this time until it stops making you money. A good ad is like printing money.

4. Speaking of printing money … if you find an ad in your business that works, consider offering it as a license to other people in your industry outside your market area. They will pay you for the right to run an ad that you can prove works. If you doubt this concept, just ask yourself if you would pay for an ad proven to produce instead of wasting money starting from scratch? Of course you would. If you need help putting this together and selling it to others, let us know. We can help you put one together.

5. Market More! You may not have heard this recently, but it’s a gentle reminder. Most people have a tendency to cut back on spending money for marketing when the economy slows. The only possible way I agree to that is if you have no idea of your ROI on your marketing dollar. If you do know that each time you implement a certain marketing strategy it brings you in a certain amount of money and profit, then you should increase your marketing — not cut back. If you do not know your ROI, then you need to find out, but that is a different story. Increase your marketing if you know your ROI is positive.