If The Business Isn’t Coming To You, Go To Where Your Customers Are

I am attending an Athletes Investor and Franchise show in Las Vegas. No, I wasn’t invited because I am an athlete (LOL) but because we are presenting on the franchise side.

At 6 after the first day, everyone is invited to a cocktail party for a meet and greet. Free food and drink… so most attend including me.

Towards the end of the party and much to my surprise I was approach by two mid 20 something low v-neck type attractive young women. I knew at once something was up since it has been a number of years that a twenty year old approached me for anything.

“Hi”, the blond said extending her hand to shake and immediately establishing rapport. “What are you doing”, she added. Gawking was what I wanted to say but fortunately managed to come up with something about meeting new people to which she and her friend replied they were too. For the next few moments I found myself interested in hearing a slightly different sales pitch about how they were out meeting people too and inviting them to come out to their club. To make a longer story short, the Club was a “Gentlemen’s Club” and their limo would be happy to take me there and bring me back. The pitch was great but I declined and knew I had something to tell you.

The Biz Lesson…. Businesses everywhere are down because we are… whether we like it or not… in a world recession. We all have two choices. Hide our head in the sand and ignore the economy or face the fact and go out and get business. I don’t know whether the two ladies were self motivated or their club owner made a decision to take matters in his own hands and send some of his employees to find business and bring it back but that was exactly what he was doing. He wasn’t sitting back and moaning about the weather or any other excuse he might have come up with. He knew there were people in town at other places and one way he could reach them was to take the party to them wherever they were. My business side wanted to meet the owner and quiz them on their strategy. I didn’t think I could pull off explaining to my wife where I had gone to do a little research on business so I can only relay my observations to you instead. If the business isn’t coming to you, … go to where your customers are. Maybe that’s trade shows, Chamber of Commerce meetings or, like this one, cocktail parties. The point is, where ever your customer is, design a marketing plan to find your customer and go shake hands. It beats the wait. Think about it.

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