Southwest Air Has A Tip

Southwest Airlines is known for its quirky fun staff, low fares and peanuts for lunch. They may have added another new idea. If you elect to check your bags curbside in Las Vegas, the friendly bag handlers loudly tell you, “thanks for the tip” if you do give them one.

The Bizidea lesson: Telling someone thanks is always a good idea and I don’t know if this is a nationwide movement for Southwest or just something the Las Vegas guys thought of but it works at two levels. People are happier when they are thanked and when you hear thanks for the tip said by many people while you are waiting in line you can’t help to feel like a jerk if you aren’t fishing in your pocket looking for a tip to fork out when you check your bag. In an economy where many people are cutting back they sure are forking over the cash in Vegas.

The next time you have a training session with any of your employees that deal with your customers (even if you are your lone employee) remind them to thank your customer for their business. You may not get a tip but over time you will be rewarded.