Super Bowl Ads Blow Past The Recession!

Looks like some businesses have money to spend these days…and they are spending it. The Super Bowl sold out all 69 of their 30 second spots for a price ranging from $2.4 million to $3,000,000 per spot. The total was a record $206,000,000 haul for one day.

What this record shows is that people will pay for what they “think” is working, even in a recession. It is up to us to find what “will” work for our customer and give it to them. That is not to say that I think an ad that cost that much is even worth it if it isn’t direct response. It definitely reminds me of some of the advertising purchases during the dot come boom which saw the business quickly go broke after spending big money on their ads. We all need to remember it is the right kind of ads you buy that is important. And how can you tell if your money has been well spent if you can’t or don’t measure the results?

Remember, ROI (return on investment) is a number you must know and monitor on your advertising and marketing or you can’t compare where your money is going and pulling the best.

On the other hand…you probably won’t get your 30 seconds of fame on the Super Bowl if you are counting pennies.

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