Take a Pic…Send to Amazon…15 sec. order info

You have got to be kidding me. BlackBerry and probably every other phone now has an app that literally lets you take a picture of something, send it to Amazon and back comes a picture and order information about how you can get the product rushed to your door. If you happen to be an Amazon “One Click” subscriber ordering is virtually instant.

We tried taking some pictures of some very unusual thing, and the order information we got back was at least always interesting. But if you took a picture of something normal like a book or electronic gadget, the results were right on.

Apparently the service uses a combination of computer technology and human interference, which I am sure will be decreased as time goes on. This is not only a cool new service for ordering, it can be a great price comparison system. (My tech son-in-law tells me there is an app that scans bar codes even better but I haven’t done that yet.)

It really is quite a gadget that really works, so check it out!