The Money Is In The Details

…Out in Vegas for an Athlete Investor and Franchise Show. This is supposed to be a gathering of professional athletes who are looking for business ideas they can get involved in and it seemed like a good idea to come see if they would be interested in Kennedys, our barber franchise.

Vegas is…well…Vegas. There may be a slowdown in people who are here but there are buildings being built and cranes moving, so I guess the city developers didn’t read about the recession or some are just getting ready for the turnaround. The hotel for the event is called the Palms and I have discovered that it is the only Playboy Club in existence. Wonder what they paid Hef for that license agreement?

Anyway… I was in the elevator on my way to my room and it was flying through floors at what seemed like unusually fast speeds. I wondered why they felt it was necessary to add so much speed. Then it dawned on me. Money. Of course…follow the money. The faster you get out of the elevator, the faster you get on the floor and bet money. I will bet there is some green visor genius sitting in some accounting office in Dubai figuring out the numbers for how much more money they make if they get every gambler out on the tables x minutes fast over the course of a year, several years etc. I bet it pays for all the elevators and then some.

The business lesson : It’s all in the details. If your telephone is answered faster is your prospect less irritable and more likely to buy? For some businesses the question may be if your phone is just answered is there a better chance your prospect will buy. You get the point. Details can make a big difference particularly now in slower times. My suggestion to us all is to do a walk around our business and see what is going on. Are there details that can be altered just a little in a phone script to increase your numbers? Are your employees offering additional products to clients when they speak to them. These little bumps should be high margin items that boost you profit per sale. The saying is that “the devil is in the details”. I say it’s the “money” in the details.

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