Nursing Home Alternative for Senior Citizens Selects Dicks Nanton Agency to Assist with Business Growth in 2008

Licensed Nursing Home administrator, Ray Reiss recently open the doors of Keep My Parents at Home and turns to JW Dicks, Esq. and Nick Nanton Esq. of Dicks Nanton Agency to assist with business development.

Orlando, Fla. – February 14, 2007 – Ray Reiss, a nursing home administrator for over 30 years and owner of Keep My Parents at Home, has selected Dicks Nanton Agency to assist with the development of an assisted living facility alternative. Keep My Parents at Home (KMPH) will service a wide range of services for seniors including meal preparation, home health therapies, household services and transportation. Keep My Parents at Home will also help seniors with legal and financial services.

“I have been in this industry for over 30 years and have served over 10,000 seniors since I first got into this business. I have seen how things have changed over the years and I think this new type of assisted living is something that seniors will be moving towards in the future. I chose Dicks Nanton Agency for their track record and cross industry insight that will assist me in the growth of my company, I’m very excited to be working with seasoned pros,” Reiss said.

“Ray is a visionary with a great cause. He has seen the nursing home industry evolve over the years and has created a very cost effective program to keep seniors at home where they are happier and healthier. We are very excited about the growth prospects of Keep My Parents at Home and are very confident that Ray Reiss is the guy who is perfect to lead the company into exponential growth,” Nick Nanton, Esq., CEO of Dicks Nanton Agency LLC said.

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