I’m a ________ (Insert Your Career Here), Not a Celebrity…or am I?! (Part Deux)

In my previous post, I discussed 3 strategies for becoming a Celebrity in your market niche to lock out your competition and increase your profits. Those strategies were:

1. Websites
2. Blogs
3. Articles

If you haven’t read that post yet, you can read it by clicking here

Now we’ll get to the other 2 that I promised you. Let’s get started:

4. Press Releases

This is an easy concept, but most people miss it. So, you may want to read this part twice.

People do not know what you are doing unless you tell them.

It’s as simple as that. Did you land a big settlement? Did your practice just celebrate its 20th anniversary? Are you under new management? Are you opening a new location? Are you involved in a charitable cause?
These are just a few of the questions that most of your clients would love to know. If they don’t know, you simply aren’t effectively communicating the answers. Having a “latest news” section on your Web site and in newsletters, where you can post press releases, allows you to post such items in a manner that makes them look like news, not like you’re bragging about yourself. Write in the third person for these posts, and they will really keep your clients in the loop.

Not to mention, if you didn’t already guess, you can syndicate the press releases for even more exposure! If you are using the same key words (the words you want to be found under when people type those words in Google), then you should start to dominate the first page of Google. Your competition will love this! And, of course it will make your potential clients’ decision to contact you an obvious one.

5. Newsletters

This is “an oldie but a goodie.” We’re talking about real paper here people, the kind you have printed with ink that you can mail to your clients and prospects and hand out to everyone you meet.

A newsletter is really just a collection of information presented in any fashion you want. Some people choose to have them in color with bright photos on glossy paper, and others choose to print them on their laser printer in black and white with nothing but text. Both strategies work. The key factor to realize here is that this is a way to stay at the top of your clients’ minds. With a newsletter, they will receive whatever information you want to give them at whatever time intervals you choose to give it to them.

You can fill your newsletter with the latest information in your practice area that will make your clients take action and call you. Or, you can write about helpful tips that will help them avoid needing a lawyer (don’t worry, try as they might, they always need you! But at least now they know you’re here to help not just to send bills.) The possibilities are endless, and this works in every practice area!

A newsletter is essentially a way for you to speak to all of your clients and prospects every month, to let them know how you can help them, just like you’ve been helping others, but you don’t have to pick up the phone or write an email to each one of them. You can do it all at once by writing a newsletter.

WARNING: Be prepared for people to get absolutely hooked on your newsletter. We have heard several stories about customers calling to ask why they hadn’t received their newsletters yet because they always look forward to them in their mailboxes at a certain time of the month! Wouldn’t you like to build a huge list of these loyal fans?

There you have it, 5 of the many strategies that will have your clients learning everything you want them to know about you. , Most importantly, you are building your reputation that you are the expert they should call when they need what you have to offer. If you would like to learn more strategies we invite you to sign up for our free newsletters and magazines at www.CelebrityBrandingAgency.com. Building Celebrity status can grow your practice exponentially, so get started today!