Celebrity Branding You

The Media Experience of a Lifetime!
They laughed when we said we could guarantee appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX; appearances in “Newsweek” and the “Wall Street Journal”; as well as having your own chapter in a bestselling book released in Times Square in New York City – all in just 12 months! But we delivered, and we’re giving you the opportunity to get in on the action this time!

Never before this Celebrity Experience program was created, has there been an opportunity to achieve these kinds of lifetime media credentials in over just a short one-year period! Never before would you be given the rights to the media you’re in, like a television show interview to replay on your web site or hand out to clients, or to have copies of your interviews developed into marketing pieces. Never before would you have been offered the opportunity to be on the cover of a bestselling business book, be interviewed by national writers, talk show hosts, radio personalities and journalists, all while working alongside and becoming friends with co-experts in the business world that you can share ideas with for the rest of your life!

The Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™ is your red-carpet ride to gaining the media recognition you need as the expert in your field, to blow past your competition, and to be the only one people want to consider as the GO-TO person in your field.

You know that getting on TV can catapult your career to the next level; but you’re probably wasting tens of thousands of dollars in money, time and effort trying to get on TV. Why?

Because mass media, like television appearances, WITHOUT direct media tied to it will not make you money. And producing your own TV show or infomercial will cost around $150,000.00! That’s most likely not an option for you right now in today’s economy, so you’ve probably resorted to trying to get on someone else’s TV show. Now THAT’S A GREAT IDEA, but…

Even if you got on “Oprah,” “Good Morning, America” or the “BIG IDEA.” you would only get two, maybe three, minutes of screen time, and you’d be restricted to talking about something that you’re probably not all that excited about (but you would do it anyway, just for the opportunity to get some national exposure).  It would air once, you’d then try to get a copy to show your friends, clients and co-workers and to post online, the show’s producers MIGHT offer to license it to you to play on your website for one year for tens of thousands of dollars, and you’d be back at your office the next day with nothing but a pile of emails and voicemails to return because you missed a day of work.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! The REAL Secret to being on TV is doing it on your own terms, being asked questions that help you sell who you are and how you can help, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, being able to utilize that footage in your marketing.

As you’ve learned in every other aspect of marketing, frequency is the key to getting people to pay attention to you, as well as getting them to know you, like you, trust you and ultimately want to do business with you. Why did you think marketing through television appearances would be any different?

The Secret to Making Television Appearances Work for You…

Is having the ability to take your television credibility and the footage of you on TV and insert it into your marketing materials. Putting the television show on your website, making DVDs to put in your prospecting kits, adding the fact that you’ve been on a major network to your resume, syndicating the video on YouTube and other viral social marketing sites to drive business back to you, are the real keys to success.

Can you imagine the next time a prospect reads about you on your website, or the next time you’re introduced to speak at an event? Picture this:

“…has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX and is now bringing their expertise to you!”

What a game changer! Now your prospects will make the switch from apprehensive prospects to raving fans — who will do anything just to meet you and spend a little time with you. What will they pay you? How much do you want?!

If you are ready to change your business forever by getting on television and learning how to utilize your television appearance for more profits, come to Los Angeles with us and appear on a business interview television show, shot in Hollywood, for less than the price of hiring a publicist for a month or two.

During your time in Hollywood you will also:

  1. Be coached by a media and acting coach to learn how to be a great television guest who is repeatedly called back to be on TV. You will also learn how to do the kind of selling of yourself on TV that doesn’t look like selling, but will actually help you get viewers to contact you after they’ve seen you on the air!
  2. Be one of the stars in the television showAmerica’s PremierExperts™!” that will air on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX affiliates. You will even get a final, production-quality, suitable-for-airing copy of your appearance on the show to create a DVD marketing piece for prospecting, and to post on your own website as well as YouTube, Vimeo and all of the other video sites cropping up daily!
  3. Have a celebrity publicist put out a press release about you being hand-picked to appear on the show, which will be used to drive traffic to your website, and will also help people who are searching for you online to learn about your celebrity status.
  4. Tour the back lot of a real Hollywood movie studio to see how the stars work and make the magic happen on the big screen. And this is not some rinky-dink studio; we’re talking about the studio where they’ve shot a few shows that you might have heard of like “Friends,” “ER, “Chuck,” “Ellen,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and MANY more!
  5. Enjoy a Red Carpet Party at a swanky Hollywood location with other business gurus like yourself. In fact, this is the same location preferred by Justin Timberlake, “Access Hollywood” and others when they are hosting parties after the GRAMMYs, OSCARs and other world-class events. All preserved on film and professionally shot photos that will appear on your web site and marketing pieces.

But that’s just the Television Appearances. In addition, you will fly to Orlando where you and your co-experts will meet with other celebrity experts we’ve selected to participate in our program at an exclusive, invitation-only, private party in an exclusive room at the Hard Rock Hotel for our Red Carpet Bash™. You’ll get the royal treatment, which includes walking the red carpet and being photographed by our own paparazzi, which includes veteran videographers and photographers. They’ll provide you with tons of great images – which we’ll use to show the world you’re a star in your own business!

You’ll get down to business the next morning with Media Frenzy™, which includes having your professional pictures taken by The RockStar Photographer®, whose credits include American Idols, Grammy Award winners and multi-platinum selling artists. This photographer has made hundreds of artists look amazing in magazines and on album covers, so you’re in great hands. Even more exciting, we give you the rights to use the photographs wherever and however you wish — without ever having to pay another fee. Imagine no hassles with photographers who want to charge you for rights — these are yours! Most importantly, we’ll teach you how to convert the mass media exposure you get from these images to direct media marketing that will bring incredible results.

Another fun aspect of the Media Frenzy is your very own Ryan Seacrest moment: A red carpet interview with a major television market news reporter. But to make the interview even more valuable to your business, we will syndicate your interview for you online and allow you to use it on websites and put it on a DVD to show prospective clients and existing customers. Your clients will be more impressed than ever before when they can watch this in your waiting room!

A big key in establishing your credibility as a celebrity expert is getting widespread exposure in print. While you’re in Orlando, you’ll be interviewed by a national print journalist whose previous subjects include U.S. Presidents, Steve Forbes, Suzanne Somers, Ben Stein, and hundreds of other celebrity experts. This interview will lead to you and your photos appearing in “Newsweek” and the “Wall Street Journal.” Imagine the look on your clients’ faces when they see that you’ve been in these famous publications — nothing will impress prospects more. And, we will also show you how to make sure your prospects and clients see it through the use of press releases, magazine articles, web site placements and framed office mountings of all your media.

No visit to Orlando would be complete without “Celebrity Backstage” tours of Disney World and Universal Studios. Imagine being hosted as if you were the President, Jennifer Anniston or Bono from U2! Besides getting a glimpse into the action behind the scenes at these major entertainment complexes from our private tour guides, you’ll also learn about the business systems that run the ultimate celebrity branding experience in the world – Disney®. Learning the nuts and bolts that drive the magic of Walt Disney World®, you’ll know just how to apply them to your own personality-driven business.

At Universal Studios, we’ll take you on the back lots to teach you how to produce your very own video blogs using famous movie sets and characters as a backdrop. As if by magic, you will appear on the locations of “ER,” “Gotham City” and “American Graffiti.”

While in Orlando, JW Dicks and Nick Nanton, creators of the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™, will also conduct an exclusive, behind-closed-doors coaching session, where you’ll learn how to leverage your celebrity brand for maximum profits. We’ll show you how to take the media we create around you during these incredible weekend experiences and use them to make you a celebrity expert in your chosen field. You may not have a platinum record (although we will show you how to do that, too!) or world tour to show for your time in Orlando, but your business is going to grow in leaps and bounds!

Next, it’s on to the Big Apple.



You Won’t Have To Wait Till New Year’s Eve To Party in Times Square, You’ll Co-Host Your Own!

You know how the songs go, “If I Can Make it There, I’ll Make it Anywhere…” and “They Say the Neon Lights are Bright on Broadway…” New York City, The Big Apple, is the media center of the universe, and it’s the perfect place to add two very important elements to your Celebrity Branding Experience: becoming a bestselling author and learning to be a top-notch radio and TV personality so your business can experience growth like never before.

Let’s start with radio. While in NYC, you’ll be trained by a seasoned, Top 40, morning-drive-time show host, who will help you become a radio personality and give you tips on launching your own Internet-based show. With the help of Celebrity Branding You™ creators JW Dicks and Nick Nanton, you’ll learn how having your own program can bring you profits through multiple uses of the radio content you create. By having a systematic scheduled time for your program, you can always be creating new content – whether the show that week is a testimonial from a customer, a product launch or current news about your industry.

Your stay in Manhattan will also include a “Meet the Press” Cocktail Party and an exclusive, invitation-only book release party at the Hard Rock Cafe overlooking Times Square — for a bestselling book you helped write! Authors often joke that no one shows up at book signings, which is why we like the idea of a party much better. And there’s a lot to celebrate! Once you’re selected to participate in this ‘Bestseller Experience,’ you will write a chapter in a book, or better yet we can arrange for you to be interviewed by a professionally published author who will convert your words to print.

We will release the book, which contains your chapter, along with other Celebrity Experts, while you’re in New York, and we guarantee it will be a bestseller on one of the premier bestseller lists like Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble. The truth is, unless you sell a few million copies, it’s hard to make a lot of money just on the book, but we’ll show you how having a book out there with mass media exposure can translate into a major business increase and higher profits than ever before for you and your company!

At our New York gathering, you’ll meet and hobnob with national journalists, book publishers and TV producers. You’ll also have an opportunity to network and build relationships which — who knows? — may get you on “Oprah,” or at the very least help you facilitate interest from major newspapers, magazines and some of the biggest publishing powerhouses in the world.

Your last stop in NYC is a closed-door mastermind session with some of the best and brightest business minds in the country, all of whom will be there just to help you strategize the lessons you have learned and take your Celebrity Branded business to the next level.

There you have it! Three media-packed Celebrity Branding Experiences that will change your business life forever by creating the expert credibility that you must have to accomplish the type of business and personal success you have always dreamed of. Forty people have already experienced the success of our celebrity experiences, and you have the opportunity to apply and experience it all for yourself.

We, and our clients, believe that this is a business-changing experience that cannot be recreated on your own for even a fraction of the cost or time this takes to accomplish in our three media and branding experiences. You know you owe it to yourself and your future clients, who may miss out on the services you provide if they don’t even know they are available, to contact us now to learn more and to apply for the business building opportunity of your lifetime. After the Ultimate Celebrity Branding Experience™ and the application of the principles of media usage that you learn, everyone you want will know who you are and what you do!

Call us now for an application and learn what it takes for you to be a part of our next experience! Don’t delay, space is EXTREMELY limited!

To learn more or to get started today, contact info@CelebrityBrandingAgency.com or call us Toll-Free at 800-980-1626.

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