Madeline Ross, CEO, Super Slow Zone(R)

Madeline - superSlowZone Cropped“I was looking for highly skilled, professional, high tech/human touch resources to grow our distinctive exercise and health franchise. I needed people with great energy, who are very successful, because they use the resources they offer their clients…Dicks Nanton Agency has done that and has demonstrated wisdom and innovation in an ever-changing and demanding global market. As consultants, I needed someone ‘to act as if’ SuperSlow Zone is their company- to have the capacity and stamina to deliver on their promises for us, the franchisor, and all of the franchisees, JW Dicks, Nick Nanton and the Dicks Nanton Agency fit that bill. In addition to the aforementioned, for leverage and wise-economy, Dicks Nanton is ‘3-in-1’: legal, marketing and strategic development… it is said that three heads are better than one… and they have proven this over and over.”

-Madeline Ross, CEO, Super Slow Zone(R)