4 Ways You Are Not Using Your Email Marketing Effectively

If you’re looking to increase sales and strengthen your relationship with existing clients, then email marketing can be the most effective marketing tool no matter what business you’re in.

Take a look at these four ways that could be keeping you from using your email marketing effectively:

Bad Subject Lines

Many believe the body of the email is the most important section, however the subject line is the first thing your subscriber sees. It’s important to make sure you’re using a subject line that catches the eye and interests your subscriber so that they want to open your email. They can make or break your email campaign, so by testing out different headlines to see what works best for you can help increase your open rates which in the end will benefit you and your business.

Here are few tips to create a perfect subject line:

  • Make it personal
  • Make it no longer than 7 words
  • Give an incentive
  • Communicate urgency


Too Long

Keep it short and simple! Longer emails have been known to have less engagement due to short attention spans and lack of interest. Creating emails that are short and to the point gives you a better opportunity to gain more loyal subscribers.

They should be engaging, fun to read, but most importantly, it should only take your readers a few moments to understand the point of your message.


No Value

You can have the best-designed email, but if it brings no value to your clients it will not preform well. Clients want to know what they are benefiting from by opening and reading your email, and by adding value you can accomplish this. Although the design is important, value is what makes your client take action!

Here are a few ways to add value to your email campaign:

  • Attach a free resource
  • Give a discount
  • Run a promotion



Sending emails too often is a good way to get your clients to click the unsubscribe button. Subscribers will often get burnt out and as a result not read any of your emails. By “spamming” your subscribers your run the risk of damaging the relationship as well as spending a lot of money with less ROI than you would like.

The best way to figure out how often you should be sending out emails is by testing to see what your subscribers are happy to receive. Asking your subscribers how often they would like to hear from you also gives you a good idea on what the best move forward should be.


Next time you’re creating an email marketing campaign keep these tips in mind to ensure that you’re getting the best results!

Source: CelebirtySites