How to Track User Engagement with CrazyEgg

What is “User Engagement Metrics” and why should you be tracking it? User Engagement Metrics allow you to see what your visitors to the website are doing. Although platforms like Google Analytics give valuable engagement metrics such as, new users, bounce rate percentage, and average time spent on a page; it does not give in-depth information on the users actual behaviors. This is where the tool, CrazyEgg comes into play!

Crazy Egg is an User Engagement Tracking tool that allows you to see exactly what people are doing on your website! With Crazy Egg you can see where people are clicking, and where they are not, how many people scroll down your pages (and where they stop), and where your visitors are coming from and who clicks on what the most! Having this valuable information you are able to see and make adjustments on your sites where they are needed in order to improve your ROI and have better engagement.


Here’s how to get started tracking your user engagement with CrazyEgg:

  1. First, you will need to choose a Crazy Egg plan that works best for you and setup an account:
  2. Second, you will need to add the Crazy Egg tracking code to the website you would like to test
    1. You can install the code yourself or email your developer to do this for you
    2. Get your tracking code here:
  3. Once you have the code added you then will need to “Add a Snapshot”
    1. Find this button on the right hand side of your dashboard that says “Add New”
    2. Enter the URL of the site you would like to add a snapshot of and click next.
    3. Choose the duration for your snapshot and click next
    4. You will now see your snapshot added to your dashboard
  4. Once the duration of your snapshot has ended you will have five different ways you can view your data
    1. Heatmap: This allows you to see where your users are clicking. The brighter the area, the more popular it is.
    2. Scrollmap: This shows which parts of the page are viewed the most.
    3. Confetti Map: This will show you exactly where a user clicks and is color coded to show you more information on the user.
    4. Overlay: Allows you to see which areas of the page are more popular with color-coded buttons.
    5. List view: The list feature allows you to easily see all the elements of that page that were clicked.
    6. Recording: This is a NEW feature that allows you to watch recordings of your visitors interacting with your website. You can see their mouse movements, clicks, and more! Locate this on the left menu of your dashboard.
  5. To view your results simply click on the snapshot in your dashboard and it will take you to the reports.


Crazy Egg takes away the guessing and allows you to see what is and what isn’t working on your website. So sign up and start tracking today to begin improving your user engagement!





Source: CelebirtySites