Snapchat: Could YOU REALLY Use It In Your Business?

Over the last few years, Snapchat has seen incredible growth as a social media platform. According to, Snapchat has over 100 million active users and 400 million snaps are sent everyday.

You might be thinking “isn’t Snapchat for teenagers and college students? What does that have to do with my marketing strategy?” While the primary users of Snapchat are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, the growing popularity of the app is something that can’t be ignored. According to the SocialTimes, Snapchat has surpassed even Facebook messenger as the most frequently used messenger app. With the development of Snap Stories, many brands started using the platform as a marketing tool to engage their audience. How can you do the same?

Although, it’s, different than other media channels, you CAN still make it effective.

Snapchat is more casual and instantaneous than other platforms, so be sure to embrace that culture. Perhaps what makes the different for Snapchat users is that it’s not all about presenting your best side, as seen in Facebook and Instagram posts. Snapchat is more humanized and shows the every day moments to connect with users. Light-heartedness is what makes the app such a success with the audience. This can boost your brand by making it more relatable. Snapchat is a great tool for getting users involved; there is less pressure with the posts and adds a sense of fun. You can make your posts your own with the different editing tools that include captions, the ability to draw on the pictures, and add different emojis. The possibilities are endless for creativity!

The biggest difference between Snapchat and other platforms is the time limit on the posts. The videos and pictures sent on Snapchat are subject to a time limit before they disappear. It adds an exclusive feel to the marketing and offers a great opportunity for teasers of new products. The time limit also works for your benefit because the users of Snapchat are just scrolling through quickly; their attention span isn’t long enough for wordy posts. However, knowing the time limit is there is important to ensure that as a marketer, you’re taking advantage of every second. Work with your team to create an effective strategy to embrace the time limit.

With the Discover tool on Snapchat, users and brands are able to create stories, the main tool that marketers are taking advantage of. With Snapchat Story, you can take a series of images and videos and combine them into longer posts for viewers. This tool is great because it can help you build up anticipation for something, such as an upcoming feature or product. Major brands including Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have seen great success with their Snapchat accounts.


Snapchat is a great way to engage users. While the images are only temporary, you are able to take screenshots of what people send to you. A Snapchat expert, Shaun McGuire has been hired by many brands including Disney because of his ability to interact with fans. During a promotional campaign to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Shaun posted to Snapchat, showing off his adventure, promoting different rides and events at the parks, and even asked his followers for tips and tricks. Shaun fooled the best advice and posted proof to his account, helping his users feel active and engaged in his content.

Developing content is the first step for any marketing strategy. Things that would fit for Snapchat include tutorial videos on something in your area of expertise. You can take a series of pictures for a how-to campaign and post it to your Snapchat account. This worked for a Sephora make-up campaign, where the brand posted images of a model getting ready for a fashion show with her Sephora products. This can also encourage your followers to stay-turned to learn the next step in a process.

Adding Snapchat to your strategy can be fun and useful in the following ways:

  1. Get behind the scenes: Give your followers a “backstage pass” to see how the magic happens when creating their favorite products. Because Snapchat is a “real-time” tool, you can give followers “up to the moment updates.” This is quite popular among music groups, as seen on the latest One Direction tour. While their fans were waiting for the show to start, the group posted images to their Snap story of the preparations backstage and build the anticipation for the show.
  2. Provide access to live events. Even for those who are unable to the event, they don’t have to feel left out with up to second updates on Snapchat. The NBA is a prime example here. Fans can see everything happening at events like the Draft and the All-Star Game by following on their Snapchat.
  3. Create contests and giveaways. Many brands have offered contests to their followers that engaged the user and boosted the number of followers. A ticket-broker company called Chat Sports offered free event tickets to followers who could convince their friends to follow Chat Sports as well. With the contest hashtag, the users could refer their friends and reply with a unique image to win. This contest had over 150 people enter within the first 48 hours. GrubHub found great success with their giveaways when they included special promo codes in their Snap Stories; consumers had to watch the entirety of the story to receive the code and received discounts on menu ideas.
  4. Partner with Influencers. Many brands on Snapchat are creating partnerships to boost their brand. For example, McDonald’s sponsored with LeBron James on their Snap story to promote a new item- while LeBron may be a little out of reach, you can try to find the major influencers in Snapchat and asked them to help boost your brand’s personality. Sour Patch Kids found Logan Paul, a social media star in his own right, to host a Snapchat campaign. With his 500,000 Twitter followers watching, Paul helped to build more awareness for Sour Patch Kids on Snapchat.

Snapchat may have a prominent audience of millennials, but new users are joining every day. It is an excellent opportunity for your brand to get noticed build relationships with your audience creative marketing opportunities.

Source: CelebirtySites

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