The Basics to Facebook Page Insights

Facebook is truly a notable advertising product that offers useful analytics to monitor user engagement, effectiveness of campaigns, demographics…the list goes on. This wealth of information gives us the freedom to discover many things about our potential clients if we just take the time.

Now, we don’t recommend that you dive into this overwhelming pile of data right away, so in this week’s blog we’ll just be focusing on the basics of reading Facebook Insights:

How to Access Facebook Insight

If you have a business page you will be able to easily access Facebook Insights by going into your Page. Once there, click on ‘Insights’ at the top of the page. From the Insights section of your Page, you have access to a great deal of information that will help you evaluate your past, present, and future Facebook strategy.

How to use Facebook analytics


When you first access the Insights panel from your Page, you will be given an overview of your Page’s performance. You can see Page Likes, post reach, and engagement. In the context of Facebook’s analytics, engagement refers to the percentage of people that reacted to, shared, clicked, or commented on a specific post. You will also be given an overview of your five most recent posts, with information on what type of post it was, when it was published, targeting information, reach, and engagement there as well.


One of the most popular things to measure on Facebook is the amount of Likes (and other Reactions) a certain post or Page gets. Being able to see how many people Like your Page, as well as which posts garner the most/least Likes, gives you a great overview of how your Facebook efforts are paying off.

To access the ‘Likes’ tab, select it from the top left of your Page screen under “Followers”. The first graph you will see, is the date range tool, which allows you to see your Page’s performance over time or according to a specific range of dates. The graph below will show you the total page Likes and if you continue to scroll you are able to locate where your likes are coming from to get a better idea of where your audience is coming form. 


Post Reach is the number of people who have seen your post. Your post counts as reaching someone when it’s shown in News Feed. Through Facebook Insights, you can see the organic reach compared to the paid reach, showing you which types of posts are doing best and bringing in views. You can also see what types of content are receiving which responses. Are photos seeing a greater reach, or are your videos doing the best? 

This information gives you a closer look at the potential of your content, and helps you examine the factors holding your business back.


Next thing you need to look at in your Insights are Posts. This area will let you break down individual posts and pieces of content to see how well they are performing. You will see three headings on this page, labeled ‘When Your Fans Are Online,’ ‘Post Types,’ and ‘Top Posts from Pages You Watch.’

When Your Fans Are Online: This tab helps you recognize when the best times for posting specific pieces of content are. This information is calculated according to the times most fans are most frequently on Facebook.

Post Types: This tab helps you evaluate the success of posts based on what kind of content they are. This shows you the top three performing types of content (such as photos, videos, or links) you shared, and the average reach and engagement associated with each.

It might be helpful to not rush and take a little time to explore your Facebook Insights. You might be surprised at what you find. This awareness of your reach and special understanding of your clients and potential clients is just another way to stand out from the competition. When you can learn to effectively utilize the data your potential customers are giving, you’ll be able to reach them in a personal and specific way that will help them view you as their expert!


Source: CelebirtySites