The Top Tips to Keep Facebook Interesting

If Facebook has become boring and monotonous for you to update, you can bet that your followers are probably thinking the same thing. Social media is all about keeping things interesting and up to date. 

A page full of status updates is not interesting. People don’t want to see long stories full of text. They want to be able to interact, see pictures that grab their attention, have something they can comment on.

Here are 3 helpful tips to keep your Facebook posts interesting so you can interact with your followers: 


We might sound like a broken record, but statistics show that people LOVE pictures even more than updates and videos. What do you think made Pinterest and Instagram so popular? These are two social media sites that revolve around pictures! 

What kind of pictures should you post? 

  • Event pictures – Company parties, events at your office, volunteering in the community
  • Staff photos – company holiday card, highlight a staff member of the month
  • Memes – What’s a current trend, picture or joke going around the Internet? Maybe you can relate it to your field and make a funny joke for your followers.
  • Products or services – Facebook is the perfect place to showcase your products and services, and you can make it more interesting by taking pictures of them! 


Polls are a way to actively engage your customers and seek out their opinions

What kind of polls should you post?

  • Let your customer decide – Thinking of providing a free workshop on Retirement Planning? Create a poll to see what your followers are most interested in learning about! 
  • Has something recently happened in your industry that affects your customers? Ask how they feel about it.
  • What do you wish you knew about your consumers – Sometimes it’s best to ask the source directly yourself


They represent noteworthy moments in your business’s timeline, and give your followers a special sense of involvement in the growth of your company.

What are some examples of milestones?

  • Did your company change locations or add a new office this month? Let your audience know! It shows you’re growing! And it’s important to get the word out to your followers of where they can come see you. 
  • What is your company celebrating? Share it with your followers and allow them to feel apart of the celebration!

Incorporating these kind of posts into your status updates and links can make a huge difference in your followers’ engagement. It livens it up and provides a variety of posts that can help keep you and your followers interested! 



Source: CelebirtySites