What is a Business Agent™… and Why Do You Need One Today?

What is a Business Agent™… and Why Do You Need One Today?

There’s a reason why successful athletes, filmmakers, writers, actors and authors have agents.  Now there’s a reason why you should have your own…

Everybody is familiar with the concept of a Hollywood star’s agent – but most of us thought we would never have a career that would allow us to have someone working for our best interests 24/7/365.  We invite you to think again…

Think about what agents really do.

A successful agent stays successful by making sure his clients always get the best exposure so they can grow their star power, and grow their empires.  Every day many of the most successful people in the country rely on their agents to seek out opportunities that not only pay them well, but also fulfill them and make them happy.  That’s why superstars have agents, and that’s why you should consider having a Business Agent™ to make your own business more profitable, your name more well-known, and your life more rewarding.

The Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency® helps its hand-selected clients make more money with creative business strategies, and its Business Agents™ — who work directly with clients to get them the best possible opportunities in Media, Marketing, & PR…Guaranteed – are a key component to these clients’ business growth.

Our Business Agents™ link our clients with the right Best-Selling books, television show guest appearances and BigPrint™ opportunities that catapult Celebrity Experts® like you to new heights of respectability and notoriety, and continually seek out fresh ways for our clients to gain the attention that leads to increasing revenue.

With a Business Agent™ working for you, you’ll always have a media expert in your own corner to tell you about new projects, help you attend high-profile events with other movers and shakers, and give you the insight to fine tune your branding to elevate you in your industry.

Part of what makes a great Business Agent™ is his or her ability to see the greatness within you, and then give you the tools and support to let that greatness work for you.  Until you’ve actually had a Business Agent™ on your side, you can’t begin to understand how critical such an expert can be for you and your business – but once you’ve begun working with your agent, you’ll soon discover more big opportunities than you could ever imagine.

Think about it.  Wouldn’t you like to have:

  • A connected negotiator on hand to discuss what your next Best-Seller should be?
  • A direct line to becoming a Celebrity Expert on TV (on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates around the country)?
  • A personal advisor who can get your picture among the top practitioners in your field in USA TODAY or the Wall Street Journal?

If so, the last thing you should do is wait.  Every day is a new chance for your Business Agent™ to put you into the media opportunity of your dreams, but that success can’t begin until your relationship starts.

Don’t delay.  It’s time for you to “Call your agent,” and find out all that your Business Agent™ can do for you.  It may be the most important call you ever make for your business, and it will definitely open up new avenues for your personal skills and experience.